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Intensive Training in Germany

Intensive Training in Germany

For busy teachers on a tight schedule, Intensive training is available in Germany (near Cologne).

Studying for those extra qualifications during a busy season can be difficult. Time and concentration are often lacking.


Many teachers have already discovered the benefits of taking an intensive study break.  Not only being in a different environment away from the day to day disturbances, but also being able to have concentrated coaching, use of studios for practice and learning or working together with other candidates brings many benefits, not to forget the tremendous saving on costs.


Not only the travel, but also the accommodation costs are greatly reduced.  (ca 1/3rd of UK prices).


Being able to leave your day to day business and study in purpose-built and

Comfortable surroundings, frees your mind and allows you to learn more easily, especially in the company of others in a similar situation.


There is plenty of opportunity to study and to enjoy the excellent facilities and surroundings.


If you have a question there is always someone available to help.

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