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Who I teach

As an “all round teacher” I teach a wide spectrum of people at all levels,


Although I specialise in training Teachers for Professional Examinations, my first love is “Teaching Dance”.


My job is helping candidates qualify for teaching examinations, Tutoring, Distance Tutoring as well as Examining and marking for the ISTD.


My hobby is teaching someone to dance as well as helping a dancer to improve.


Having taught Dancing for over 30 years, as many of my colleagues, I have helped dancers become champions, guided children through their first experience of Dance, trained candidates of all ages for Medal Tests and Examinations, worked with disabled people, formation teams and wedding couples.


The reason that I still enjoy teaching dance is that my first criteria are generally the person.  Being able to spend most of my time with nice people makes both my job and my hobby fun!


Those I teach, whether professionals, beginners, medallists competitors are generally 80% singles and 20% couples.


Remember you don’t need a partner to learn to dance.



Shall we Dance?


To book a lesson please contact by Email or phone 0049 171 40 31 729

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