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How I teach

I teach primarily on a one to one coaching basis (Individual Lessons).


·          Professionals

In addition, for professional candidates, I also offer a distance learning

facility for those studying for the FDI & CDE examination as well as

Professional Classes, Workshops, Training Camps and

Intensive Training courses.


Professionals are trained for a Career in the Dance Profession; my mission is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to be successful.


On the journey there will be stepping stones or Land marks such as your Associate, Licentiate or Fellowship qualifications.


·          Amateurs

Dance can be one of the easiest and most enjoyable experiences, unless someone makes it complicated.

Dance Sport is simply movement to music in harmony with a partner, which is basically how I teach.


To Dance means to look good, to feel good, to stand well, and to move well. To achieve this I help you develop a strong dance technique.


·          Singles

For a male, being able to dance is the easiest and best way to meet a better class of female, Dance Sport is totally “in”, macho and regarded by many women as sexy, maybe the reason that women are always attracted to a man who can dance well.


In spite of this amazingly there are generally worldwide still more females who learn to dance than men.


I teach single females of all ages wishing to just enjoy their dancing, improve technique, develop their choreography, and prepare for Medal tests, Medal festivals, Pro-Am Competitions or Showcase.


However I help you, the underlying aim is always to improve the general technique, optic and to create a better feeling through developing movement and softness in your dancing, whilst making you light and easy to lead.


Quality & Perfection in Dance starts here….

London Dates

To book a lesson please contact by Email or phone 0049 171 40 31 729

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