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My Philosophy

My Philosophy in Professional Examination Training***

Whilst being fortunate to have received training and coaching from some of the world’s top teachers, there was a man who over 40 years ago took me under his wing, he guided me throughout my career (and still does); he was possibly one of the top Dance Technicians. His name, “Martin Simmonds”, he had certain beliefs and philosophy’s which rubbed off and formulated my own beliefs.


Martin believed passionately in the future of the Dance Profession, in the value of encouraging and supporting young talented professionals who form the future of our profession, in motivating and bringing the best out of his professionals, being there as a mentor and guide throughout their career. Imparting a tremendous “in depth” knowledge of Dance Sport technique thus creating excellent teachers.


The way Martin used to work, is the way I work today.


I come from a family of teachers; both my Dad and Grandfather were dedicated teachers.

Having knowledge is absolutely worthless unless you can impart it to someone who needs it in a way in which they can understand it.


Whereas Martin gave me “the knowledge”, my Dad taught me how to teach.

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